In the House of Romanov waiting for the opinion of the Russian Orthodox Church about the authenticity of the remains of the Royal family

In the Russian Imperial house will not make the decision about the authenticity of the remains of Nicholas II and his family before it will make the Russian Orthodox Church, said Friday, RIA Novosti Director of the office of the head of the Russian Imperial house, Alexander Zakatov.

Earlier the investigator for particularly important cases under the Chairman of SC of the Russian Federation Marina Molodtsova has told reporters that found in 2007 in Porosenkov log human remains belong to children of Nicholas II - Tsarevich Alexei and Grand Duchess Maria. Also in the UK denied the version that the bodies were destroyed with sulfuric acid.

"The position of the Imperial house remain unchanged: the head of the dynasty, Grand Duchess Maria Wladimirovna and Grand Duke Georgii Mikhailovich solidarity with the position of the Russian Orthodox Church. Without the Church, this question can not be solved. While the Church will say its final word in respect of the remains, to make decisions in respect of the remains they (Maria Vladimirovna and Grand Duke George Mikhailovich of Russia – ed.) will not be, because it concerns millions of the faithful compatriots, who revere the Royal family as saints. Remains are not just bones, and relics, who have received a suitable reverence", - told RIA Novosti Sunsets.

Thus, according to him, the Russian Imperial house applies with respect to all positions: those who argue about the authenticity (of the remains of – ed.) and to those who are in doubt.

"Don't need to have this question split the company. There is an ongoing discussion. Let's see what the scholars will say, the investigators and, in the end, what would you say the Russian Orthodox Church. Then with a clear conscience we will take the decision, whatever it is", - said Sunset.

Speaking about the new UK data about the authenticity of the remains of crown Prince Alexei and Grand Duchess Maria, Sunsets said that the Imperial house "knows already the position of the UK".

"There was new information that investigative experiments, it is necessary to examine the documents because legal issues do not suffer distortions", - said the representative of the Russian Imperial house.

Nicholas Romanov and his family – wife Alexandra, son Alexei, and daughters Olga, Tatiana, Maria and Anastasia were shot on 17 July 1918 in Yekaterinburg. The murder occurred in the house Ipatiev, after which their remains were taken out of the city in Ganina Pit where, according to one version, dismembered and burned. The Russian Orthodox Church in 2000 canonized Nicholas Romanov and his family as Holy martyrs.

In 1991, a grave was discovered in a place called pig log near Yekaterinburg (presumably the remains of the Imperial couple and three daughters, the Grand duchesses). The remains of members of the Imperial family were buried in the tomb of the Peter and Paul Cathedral in St. Petersburg in 1998. However, the Russian Orthodox Church does not recognize the found remains genuine due to the lack of evidence. In 2007, near this place was found another burial (possibly of crown Prince Alexei and Grand Duchess Maria).

In July 2018, the representative of the RF IC reported that the complex of molecular-genetic examination confirmed the nationality found in the area Porosenkov log near Ekaterinburg remains of members of the Royal family. In addition, experts have established the kinship of Emperor Alexander III, whose remains were exhumed in the Cathedral of St. Petersburg, and the dead man, identified as Nicholas II.