Peskov praised the relations between Russia and the United States

Elements the reviving germs of interaction between Russia and the USA on the background of the pandemic, but in specific cases this does not happen, we can not relax, said the press-Secretary of Russian leader Dmitry Peskov.

"Many can occur is the expectation that global crises such as a pandemic, can become the soil in which it can receive the germs of true cooperation, mutual assistance, mutual aid. And elements that we see is the exchange of assistance during a pandemic: Chinese - us, we - the Chinese, we - the Italians, the Italians, too, we Americans too deliver us, we Americans. And seemingly these germs we see and like in specific cases, we need to move to another more favorable mode of interaction, but it is not, this is not happening," said Sands in an interview to Avtoradio, which is published on the website.

He reminded about the growing conflict between Washington and Beijing.

"That seems to be not the time that Washington accused China, but nonetheless, it occurs. We all must rally around the only competent organization who and the U.S. President signs a decree on the withdrawal from the who, i.e. some things that landed us in blissful cases. It is impossible to relax" - said the press Secretary of the President.