In Tokyo revealed 293 new cases COVID-19

A new record for the number of new cases COVID-19 recorded in Tokyo: the day the virus was confirmed at 293 people, reported the TV channel NHK.

Before it was identified 286 cases of infection. To this day the largest number of infected people in the Japanese capital was the 10th of July, when tests showed positive for the virus in 243 people.

Wednesday in connection with the increase in the number of infected government in Tokyo rose to the fourth - maximum - level threat of the spread of coronavirus, but the introduction of a new "emergency" out of the question.

In addition, Tokyo was excluded from the campaign Go to travel, aimed at reviving domestic tourism and the launch of which is scheduled for July 22.

Only in Japan to date, 24 identified 732 cases of infection with coronavirus. Died 998, recovered 19 473.

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