Paul McCartney is recording a new mini album with Ringo Starr

. Paul McCartney spoke about the recent work in the Studio with Ringo Starr , reports NME.

Two members of the legendary Quartet together prepared a new version of the song "A Beautiful Night" from McCartney, which will be released simultaneously with the reissue of his album "Flaming Pie” 1997.

Thanks Starr also appears on the music video for "A Beautiful Night”, a new mini-album with this track.

"I told Ringo that it would be great to do something together, because we are not so many worked outside The Beatles," — said McCartney.

He also said that he didn't like that option "A Beautiful Night," which he recorded a few years ago, and he had long wanted to redo it.

"I invited Ringo to work on this song, and everything went as in the good old days. I realized how long we haven't played together and it was perfect