In Russia announced the sudden checking of the troops

Vladimir Putin announced the sudden checking of the troops of the southern and Western military districts, the defense Ministry reported.

It is planned to assess their ability to provide security in the South-West of the country and the level of preparation for the exercises "Caucasus-2020" to be held in September.

This attracted more than 149 thousand people and more than 26,8 thousand units of equipment, said defense Minister army General Sergei Shoigu at a meeting with the leadership of the Department.

"During the inspection provides the holding with the troops of the 56 exercises tactical level. Involved 35 sites and training fields, 17 sea of landfills in water areas of the Black and Caspian seas. Only spot checks involved 149 thousand 755 persons, 26 of 820 thousand units of weapons and military equipment, and 414 aircraft 106 ships and support vessels", — he said.

In addition, will verify the individual connections under the Central government, as well as airborne and naval infantry of the Northern and Pacific fleets.