In Ufa opened the largest manufacture of units of helicopter engines

United engine Corporation (UEC, part of rostec state Corporation) has opened in Ufa, the country's largest center for the manufacture of units of helicopter engines on the basis of "UEC-Ufa engine industrial Association" ("ODK-Ufa engine industrial Association"), the correspondent of RIA Novosti news from the opening ceremony.

New industrial site is focused on the output nodes of the serial and advanced helicopter engines in the power class up to 5 thousand horsepower VK-2500, TV3-117, VK-650V, VC-1600V for civil and military helicopters, including the most massive machines in the world of the Mi-8/17 series, strike helicopters Mi-28 and Ka-52 and Ka-226T and Ka-62.

The center is equipped with machine tools with numerical control, high-tech machining centres and unique equipment for welding and soldering, installed robotic systems for welding of parts and assemblies in a controlled atmosphere, a unique test setup to determine the flow characteristics of the engine, created by specialists of UEC-umpa, and other machines. The center also introduced digital technology to conduct electronic document management, warehouse automation, equipment monitoring.

Now the center employs 350 people, in the future, the staff will be doubled. Now comes the recruitment and training of staff. For their preparation on the basis of "UEC-UMPO" it professional training Center of the aviation cluster Rostec is a separate building with an area of 14.5 thousand square meters, which will house 150 pieces of training equipment. Every year it is planned to prepare about 2 thousand people.