The former head of sports of Russia told about the maintenance of order at the Olympic games-80

The level of security during the Olympics-80 in Moscow was so high that it was possible to leave for the night on the street, unlocked the car, and he would have no one not touched, said in an interview with RIA Novosti illustrious sports Director, former Chairman of the Committee for physical culture of the Russian Federation and a member of the Presidium of the Executive Committee of Olympic Committee of Russia, holder of the Olympic order Valery Sysoev.

Sunday will mark the 40th anniversary of the summer Olympics in 1980. In anticipation of this anniversary Sysoev recalled, in particular, how to ensure order in Moscow during the Games. "In the end, in terms of the highest level of safety of the Moscow Olympics is not just made history, and she has become a chronicle, a methodological tool for security services," - said Sysoev.

As for the often emerging allegations that the security of the Olympics-80 was allegedly confined to the mass eviction of the disadvantaged contingent outside the capital, the Sysoev called this thesis "non-reasoning".

"And what's wrong with that on the streets of Moscow were not alcoholics and prostitutes? If you are the receiving party, of course, will do everything that the guests were safe and comfortable. This is guided by any state to host the Olympics. And there's nothing to apply double standards, saying that abroad is another matter, it is possible to tighten the regime, but we can not" - said Sysoev.

He recalled that at the time was still fresh in the memory of the tragedy with the seizure of the Israeli delegation at the summer Olympics 1972 in Munich, West Germany, and in January 1977, Armenian nationalists staged the bombings in Moscow and in the Moscow metro. Part of the KGB before the Olympics-80 was created by the anti-terrorist unit, commonly known as the "alpha" group, within the Ministry of interior was also formed special forces, said Sysoev.

XXII summer Olympic games were held in Moscow from 19 July to 3 August 1980. In Games participated 5179 athletes from 80 countries, has been played 203 sets of medals. The United States, Germany, Japan and dozens of countries boycotted the Olympics in protest against the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

The leader in number of medals were athletes of the USSR, they won 195 medals (80 gold, 69 silver, 46 bronze), second place were athletes from East Germany, who won 126 medals (47 gold, 37 silver, 42 bronze), third place was the team of Bulgaria – 41 medal (8 gold, 16 silver, 17 bronze).