Valeria replied ambiguously ridiculed her a woman

Valeria ambiguously expressed on instagram in response to criticism from his subscribers will.

The actress posted a photo of your Breakfast from the veranda of one of the Moscow restaurants.

"I love the summer and the breakfasts on the terraces. Although most often eat Breakfast at home, but to start the day in the fresh air with a Cup of coffee — a special joy. Now it can be done even in restaurants, before the pandemic, before lunch did not open — that such changes", — said Valeria in the post.

Subscribers in the comments said the singer compliments, some called it "worker and farmer", what attracted the attention of the haters who disagree with what the variety is also work.

"The Plowman. Well, Yes, the floor kick, some heavy", — said podistica artist @nadezhda_repina_sarasvati.

"That's right, employs only one who lifts weights. You must ship the bags?" ironically responded the singer.

"Yeah, unload the cars," joked her opponent.

"On the first comment, by the way, see," — said Valery ambiguously in response.

The artist also stood up her followers who condemned ridiculed her a woman.

"Valeria so much bile in people , themselves drown ! And You don't get ill !" — @nusiazrumova

"Madame, be so kind as to share, you Hamam easier to live well and becomes, when You have bile at a decent pour out of people ?" — @natachakiselewa.

Valeria often responsible users of instagram for their comments, in particular, and angry. Earlier, the actress pointed out the rudeness of podyschite, which appealed to the singer, a statement that she was tired.