Pushkov said about the impossibility of the existence of Ukraine without Russia

The head of the Federation Council Commission on information policy and interaction with mass media Alexei Pushkov in his telegram channel said about the impossibility of the existence of Ukraine without Russia.

He commented on the words of Ukrainian journalist Dmitry Gordon about "vulnerable to the invasion of Russia in Kiev".

"A favorite topic of Ukrainian politicians and ideologues — the future "invasion of Russia", which will not, but they are so necessary, at least in the genre of "fantasy", — joked on this gun.

He explained that the reason for these statements lies in the fact that Russia "lost the meaning of existence of Ukraine," since this country has no "other place in the world as Russia". At the same time Moscow needs Ukraine as non-hostile or, at best, a friendly country, said the Senator.

"But in General, Russia can do without Ukraine. It is not critical to the existence of Russia. With Ukraine it's the opposite: without Russia, it will disappear. How will trade a puny elite Kiev on the world stage, if not his contrived role as a "shield" of Europe from Russia? Under what, under what in the world will beg for loans and tranches of the IMF, financial assistance from the EU? Under what pretext will ask to join NATO?" — ironically noticed Pushkov.

In conclusion, the MP stressed that Russia and "fantasies about her intentions to" give meaning to the existence of modern Ukraine, so Russia it is not enough.