Republicans promise a new bill against "the Russian hackers"

Republican minority leader in the house of representatives Kevin McCarthy has promised to prepare a new draft law against the "Russian hackers".

On Thursday, the structure of cyber security of the US, UK and Canada distributed recommendations for the hacking attempts of development of a vaccine, which they blame Russian government agencies. The recommendations of the national security Agency of the USA States that "a group of Russian intelligence services acted in relation to organizations involved in vaccine development from COVID-19 in the United States, Canada and the UK, so likely to steal information and intellectual property relating to the development and testing of vaccines against COVID-19".

In early may, British and American intelligence agencies reported that recorded large-scale cyber attacks on health organizations and research centres. Then all the staff of international and national medical organizations, it was recommended to change personal passwords to access computer technology and go to two-factor authentication. The attackers, according to intelligence, use of technology collection of frequently used or complex enough passwords to accounts staff megastructure.

According to the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov, Russia rejects allegations of hacking attacks on the vaccine.

In particular, speaking about the charges from London, Peskov said RIA Novosti that Moscow has no information who could crack the pharmaceutical companies and research centres in the UK, and nothing to do has not.