Buenos Aires received from Moscow proposals for uranium mining in Argentina

Deputy foreign Minister of Argentina, Jorge Neme said that Buenos Aires received suggestions on possible uranium mining in Argentina with the use of modern environmental requirements.

In January 2018 in the framework of the official visit to Russia by Argentine President Mauricio Macri, the parties signed a Memorandum of understanding for exploration and mining of uranium in Argentina.

The Memorandum envisages cooperation between Russia and Argentina for the extraction of this metal environmentally friendly method of underground leaching (ISL). It is expected that investments in this area can reach $ 250 million, will create about 500 new jobs.

Unlike the traditional method of extraction which involves extracting ore from the bowels, its crushing and processing, by borehole underground leaching of uranium-bearing ore remains in situ, and through it is pumped reagent for the leaching of uranium from ore with subsequent pumping the uranium-containing solution to the surface for further processing. Thus the soil cover is almost broken, not in residues of waste rock and the tailings from ore processing waste. This method is much more economical and environmentally preferable mining method of uranium mining. In the development of this theme, the two sides discussed the possibility of establishing in Argentina technology centre for the extraction of uranium using the ISL method.