Trump criticized the idea of Biden to return to the Paris agreement

The offer of the candidate in US presidents from Democratic party Joe Biden to return to Paris climate agreement will benefit Russia and China, said Thursday the President of the United States Donald trump.

"They offer a return to unfair and destroys jobs, the Paris climate agreement, which will cost our country trillions of dollars and put us in a very bad competitive position compared to the world. No wonder China will go a long way in this ridiculous agreement. And Russia and other countries," he said in a speech in front of the White house.

The Paris agreement aims to prevent the end of the century temperature rise to no more than two degrees Celsius (preferably 1.5) compared to the pre-industrial period (mid nineteenth century). As follows from scientific reports, is now such a task would be impossible: even if current commitments are met in full, it means the warming of three to four degrees compared to pre-industrial times, which threatens to further melting of glaciers and the flooding of some island States, extreme weather events, disappearance of a number of species, spread of diseases, reduction of underground water resources, raise the issue of food security. This goal will require reducing greenhouse gas emissions in 2030 by about a third.

Of intent to submit national plans to combat climate change by 2020, said 84 countries, 11 of them (Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and the UK) have started internal processes "to enhance ambition" and it is already reflected in national plans in 2020. However, among the more than 80 countries no China, India, Russia and Japan included in the top five for CO2 emissions. USA, ranked second in emissions, began the process of withdrawal from the Paris agreement.