Tokayev instructed the government to publish statistics on COVID-19

The government of Kazakhstan should be determined with the statistics for the coronavirus and make it transparent, said the President of the Republic of Kassym-Jomart Tokayev.

Kazakhstani neurosurgery Mynzhylky Berdyajev informed on his page in Facebook published a video, which urged the Ministry of health to record cases of pneumonia, which can be called atypical, as the coronavirus. He said that the official statistics does not correspond to reality, and the outbreak of SARS in the Republic caused by a coronavirus. Deputy Minister of health of the Republic Lyudmila Berbekova, commenting on the proposal noted that the Agency consults with the world health organization on how to keep records of the incidence of pneumonia on the background of the situation with coronavirus. The head of the who mission in the country Caroline Clarinval reported that the group of experts will arrive in Kazakhstan to explore the reasons for the growth in the number of cases of pneumonia, but suggested that "most likely, it COVID-19".

"The government tasked to determine the statistics of the pandemic. In addition to coronavirus, damage to health and life of citizens causes pneumonia. All the data on the situation of the pandemic, no matter how sad they may be, should