In the state Duma condemned the attitude of the Ukrainian authorities to the Crimean Tatars

State Duma Deputy Ruslan Balbec, commenting on the impoverishment and unemployment of the Crimean Tatars in Ukraine, said that they for the Ukrainian authorities - not the people, and the political factor, which had hoped to influence external and internal policy of Russia.

Earlier in the report the Russian foreign Ministry on the situation of human rights in Ukraine, it was reported that Crimean Tatars living on the territory of the country, most ordinary Ukrainians are facing impoverishment and unemployment.

"It was expected, because the Crimean Tatars for Ukraine - not the people, but only a political factor with which they hoped to influence external and internal policy of Russia. As you know, the factor is not constant, it can be exploited and if something will not work - then just put aside. That turned out to be that those Crimean Tatars who believed the promises of Kiev, was not just cheated and sidelined, and now is called, nor in Crimea, nor in Rome - no citizenship, no wait," said Balbec RIA Novosti.

The MP also said that the impoverishment of the Crimean Tatar population on the territory of Ukraine will try again to blow up ostensibly as a consequence of Russian policy.

"But as they say, and then the card a bit: those who remained on the Russian Peninsula (which is the absolute majority of the Crimean Tatars) don't even think about moving to Ukraine - and this is the best indicator of our internal policy", - said Balbec.