Astronauts Cassidy and Behnken returned to the ISS after spacewalk

NASA astronauts Chris Cassidy and Bob Behnken returned to ISS on completion of planned works at a battery replacement station in space, NASA conducts a live broadcast.

The astronauts transferred the suits to the operation of the auxiliary power supply at 14.10 Moscow time and were left out of the station about six hours. During this time, they finished the planned work on the installation of new cameras on the external surface of the ISS and the replacement of obsolete batteries. On Thursday, the astronauts removed six old Nickel-hydrogen batteries and installed three new lithium ion battery.

The next exit is Cassidy and Behnken in the open space plan on July 21 for the final finish in 2017 for replacement of power sources of the ISS.

As have informed in NASA, the spacewalk on Thursday became the ninth in the career of each of the two astronauts.