When the nation is more important than faith: enemies "the Russian Church" has decided to unite

Ukraine is once again talking about the creation of a "United and independent churches." Only this time it can appear on the basis of obedient Istanbul Constantinople Patriarch Bartholomew, "the Orthodox churches of Ukraine" (ptsu) and subordinates to the Pope Greek Catholic (UGCC). The aims and prospects of the new "superbadiste" — in the material RIA Novosti.

Church St. Peter and Paul this year was held in Ukraine on an unprecedented scale. Solemn services on July 12 broadcast of the secular TV channels — both national and local.

For example, in the Poltava region. Most of the region's residents go to churches of the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC) of about five hundred. That's just on TV they could see how celebrate memorable date the dissenters of the PCU and the Uniates of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, whose worship Orthodox, according to the canons, can not participate.

It is quite strange considering the fact that dissenters in the region a total of 150 communities and Greek-Catholics — several times smaller.

However, the concept of jurisdiction of these structures in Poltava pretty blurry. The last couple of years the parishes wander: someone will break away from UKGC and go to the "new Church", someone on the contrary.

Yet remain in positive territory Uniates. In mid-June they were joined by the parishes of Poltava "Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church" (UAOC), formed after the Second world war who fled to Canada by Ukrainian nationalists. In the late 80s they returned home. For almost 30 years the UAOC was competing with the other community schismatic "Kiev Patriarchate" anathematized the former Metropolitan of the ROC Filaret Denysenko, not yet merged with it in late 2018. On the basis of two dissident organizations appeared ptsu.

However Poltava "Autocephalous" did not want to join the new Association. First, they were freely swimming, and then chose to not pray for the Istanbul Patriarch Bartholomew, the actual head of the DNC, and for the Pope. This is what the UGCC from all other Church structures in Ukraine. In 1596 it was founded by several bishops of the Kiev Metropolia as a result of Union (Union) with the Vatican — hence the common name of the Uniates. The clergy acknowledged the supremacy of the Pope and the Catholic dogma. However, traditions and liturgical rites remained Greek Orthodox.

The leadership of both "churches" have made that transition communities of Poltava though it had never existed. No statements on this occasion they did not, although believers ptsu wrote a petition against it. Like, what's the difference how it's structure, "just not with the Russian Church."

Actually, the hatred of Russia and the congregation "moskalsky" the UOC was made the leader of the DNC Epiphany Dumenko with the head of the UGCC Sviatoslav Shevchuk, strongly supports the idea of "independence" of the Church.

"Now the main interlocutor in Ecumenical dialogue for the UGCC is no longer the Russian Orthodox Church and Autocephalous "Orthodox Church in Ukraine", — he said a few months after the giving of the Tomos of autocephaly of the ptsu.

Dumenko vnaklade not remain: first, he strongly claimed that both churches "operate for the benefit of Ukraine". And in the spring of last year and even hinted at the Association.

"At the meeting with his Beatitude Sviatoslav (Shevchuk), we talked about further deepening of our cooperation. In this cooperation we will come to dialogue, and the dialogue will determine whether we will be able to unite," he said gently.

A few months later was created a joint Commission "to strengthen dialogue." Then the Ukrainian mass media and politicians were unanimous that ptsu in this process "as new" — that is, all rule, the leaders of the Uniates. Despite the fact that they have the 3800 community, and the "damenkova" — about seven thousand.

A year later, the scenario has changed. Ptsu is no longer tormented by the conflict Filaret Denisenko for money "Kiev Patriarchate" — Bank accounts court handed Dumenko. There was no question of complete isolation in the Orthodox world: the fall of the dissenters recognized Alexandria and the Greek Church.

And then there's the Creator of the "new Church" the ex-President Petro Poroshenko has suddenly started to gain popularity. Despite the fact that he faces jail for 20 criminal cases, the rating of the party "European solidarity" is steadily growing against the background of falling of trust of citizens to the current President Vladimir Zelensky and his "Servant of the people."

But the UGCC is going through difficult times. It was the first religious structure in the country that has felt the impact of coronavirus: in early March, the disease was actively spreading in her community in the Western part of the country. The weakening of quarantine measures its parishioners not particularly in a hurry to the temples. According to the Kyiv-Halych Metropolitanate, service, visit about five percent of the total number of the flock.

Once fairly rich structure was on the verge of financial disaster. And there is no help — the largest sponsors among businessmen themselves are in crisis, Poroshenko busy autumn municipal elections, and the Vatican, which is subject of the UGCC, the most threatened multimillion-dollar hole in the budget because of the pandemic. Besides Sviatoslav Shevchuk rather strained relations with the Holy see. Pope Francis has repeatedly and publicly outraged that the leader of the Uniates allows himself to hard political speech.

Therefore, in the last month, the Ukrainian community heated rumors about a possible merger of the UGCC with ptsu. And Dumenko may become the head of the latest "single Ukrainian Church".

In late June, Kyiv international Institute of sociology (KIIS) asked respondents not only to choose the "most respected religious leader", as is usually the case, but to indicate the head of the potential "SuperTorque".

Moreover, Ukrainian citizens sociologists were not asked whether they want unification of all churches. They would put before the fact, asking the question: "Who would you like to see in the case of associations PCU, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church and Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church?"

Almost half of respondents chose Epiphanios Dumenko. A quarter of Metropolitan of Kyiv Onufry, slightly less than 25 percent Sviatoslav Shevchuk.

However, a number of Ukrainian media have questioned that the data reflect reality. For example, in 2016, the members of the sociological community was noticed that the results of the poll KIIS "remarkably fell out of the whole spectrum of research." In other words, the results are absolutely opposite to those received by other companies.

In addition, in mass media, Director of KIIS Vladimir Paniotto is an employee of the Kyiv — Mohyla Academy. Her dissenters are cooperating for a long time. In 2019, the title of honorary Professor of KMA honored Patriarch Bartholomew.

"All this looks more like a paid in ptsu, I want to test the waters on the subject of unification of the Church. And to prepare for the public", — said the source RIA Novosti in the Ukrainian Church circles.

Because a month earlier, this process interfered with from abroad. The European Union has allocated a grant in the amount of 145 thousand Euro to the foreign policy research Institute of Ukraine. The goal is "to combine the" Uniates and schismatics. The project, as reported on the website of the Institute, supported by Patriarch Bartholomew.