The UN refused to comment on the accusations against Russia of "stealing" vaccines

The UN is no information about the attempts of hackers, allegedly linked to Russia, kidnap in US, UK and Canada data on the development of vaccines against coronavirus, it follows from the comment of the official representative of the UN Secretary General Stefan Dujarric.

Earlier Thursday, the national cybersecurity center in the UK said it was working with the United States and Canada to identify hacker attacks affecting pharmaceutical companies and scientists in several countries. According to the center associated with Russian hackers tried to steal in three countries, data on the development of a vaccine from COVID-19. Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov has denied these accusations.

"We have no comment or information concerning reports of hacking, you mentioned," said Dujarric at a press briefing, when asked by a journalist to comment on information announced by the National cybersecurity center in the UK.

In early may, British and American intelligence agencies reported that recorded large-scale cyber attacks on health organizations and research centres. Then all the staff of international and national medical organizations, it was recommended to change personal passwords to access computer technology and go to two-factor authentication. The attackers, according to intelligence, use of technology collection of frequently used or complex enough passwords to accounts staff megastructure.

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