In Cannes classics, entered the film Marlena hutsieva

. In the Cannes classics came in the film "July rain" Marlena hutsieva, according to the website of the show.

Everything in this section 25 art and 7 documentaries.

Some of the paintings were included in it because of anniversaries. So, "Love mood" Wong Kar-Wai this year marks 20 years, and "breathless" by Jean–Luc Godard and "Adventure" Michelangelo Antonioni – 60.

Section "Cannes classics" exists since 2000. Usually included in it the films will be shown on the show, but since this year it was canceled, you can see them at the Festival Lumiere brothers in Lyon from 10 to 18 October and Cinematic encounters in Cannes (Rencontres Cinématographiques de Cannes) from 23 to 26 November.

Federico Fellini this year marks 100 years old, and therefore in the program of two of his works: "Lights of variety" and "the Road", for which he received his first Oscar in 1957 and also the documentary "Fellini and Spirits".

"July rain" (1966), viewers will see a restored version 2020've been working on Karen Shakhnazarov.