Germany condemned the verdict to the journalist of Die Welt in Istanbul

The sentence a German journalist of Turkish origin Deniz Hugely in Istanbul is "absolutely the wrong signal", contrary to the normalization of relations between Turkey and the EU, reads the statement of the foreign Minister of Germany Heiko Maas.

Earlier, the Turkish court sentenced a journalist of the German newspaper Welt Denise Judges to two years and nine months in prison on charges of promoting terrorism. Prosecutors in Turkey demanded for Judges 4 years and 3 months to 15 years and 3 months imprisonment. Among other accusations, the journalist, - inciting hatred and enmity among the population.

In February 2018, a Turkish court freed Judges, who was arrested in February 2017 in Istanbul for "propaganda of terrorism" and for years was under arrest. Release Judges demanded the German authorities. The ban on his departure from Turkey was not established. Immediately after his release, the journalist flew to Germany, where he currently resides.

"Today's verdict against Denise Ujala sends absolutely the wrong message, and the announcement of further investigations inexplicable to me. It shows that we still have significant differences in the protection of press freedom and freedom of expression. It also helps to strengthen the credibility of the application of the principle of the rule of law in Turkey," said Maas, his words leads mailing of the press service of the German foreign Ministry.

"We must not forget that many German citizens are still in detention in Turkey. In many cases, at least, the prosecution is not entirely clear. We want all these cases have been resolved. While it is not, it contradicts the normalization of relations between Turkey relative to the us and the European Union as a whole," the Minister added.