Sobyanin gave a forecast on the incidence of coronavirus

Enormous surge in the incidence of coronavirus in the near future will not be, is immunization of the population, said the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin.

He noted that this is due to the immunization. "This is due to the fact that during the passage of the epidemic on such a scale and without a vaccine there's only one recipe to stop this kind of aggressive infection - this is a natural immunization of the population, of the population. That is, the immune stratum, the people who met with the coronavirus and have antibodies... This layer needs to be big," said the mayor, noting that more than 20% of Muscovites surveyed have antibodies to the coronavirus.

Sobyanin added that the virus will stay in people's lives for a long time. "We have long to wait for the last patient, as, indeed, we set ourselves the task of eradicating the flu, but it's impossible, it's the same virus, as a number of other flu viruses, but it is more rigid, more quickly distributed and difficult for the body. But it is the same virus we are now going to live with him always, just need to learn how to diagnose, treat and vaccinate, do anti-virus vaccination", - said the mayor.

He explained that initially managed to smooth over the situation thanks to the massive testing taken in time the measures for the isolation and control of movement, treatment of patients and generally well-coordinated work of all health systems, and the understanding of citizens.

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