Announced release date of the film by Alexei Uchitel "Choi"

The film by Alexei Uchitel "Choi" will be released in wide release in the Day of Russian cinema, August 27, reported RIA Novosti in the press service of the Studio Sony pictures.

The leader of the group "Kino" was killed in a car accident near Riga August 15, 1990. Choi was 28 years old. According to the official version, he fell asleep at the wheel, which went into the oncoming lane, where it collided with the bus.

The film will be fictional events of the summer of that year, when there was a terrible accident.

The actor playing Viktor Tsoi, the screen will not. The role of the driver of the bus will be performed by Yevgeny Tsyganov. With him in the film, starring Paulina Andreeva, Maryana Spivak, Igor Vernik and others.