The USA extended the deferral of sanctions for the "Group GAZ"

The U.S. Treasury extends the deferral of sanctions for the "Group GAZ" to 22 January 2021, follows from the document published by the office on Friday.

"All transactions and actions... permitted until 00.01 Eastern daylight time on 22 January 2020", - the document says.

Previously, this deadline has been repeatedly shifted, and he expired on 22 July 2020.

USA in April 2018 made in the "black list" (SDN list) Oleg Deripaska and controlled company. The assets of the defendants in the list in the United States are blocked, and the business with them is prohibited. However, on 27 January, the American Ministry of Finance brought out from under sanctions and its controlled En "RUSAL" and "EuroSibEnergo", after Deripaska has reduced its share in En below 44,95% and ceased to control the company through the Board of Directors. The businessman and "GAZ Group", which he controls through a holding company "Russian machines", remained in the list.