Prigogine was surprised, as an ex-wife lost the property to "one hundred million"

Russian music producer Joseph Prigogine in conversation with the TV channel REN-TV commented on recent media reports that his ex-wife and children were evicted from the apartment because of debts.

The producer said that for many years tried to persuade their children not to sign any papers.

"Now, imagine, thank God that I'm alive. And imagine when people write the legacy, children, relatives — that is, consider all that I have left, a man entered," he said.

He wondered how many men in divorce leaving all the property to the family. According to the producer, he helped his family and did everything I could. Also Prigogine shoots for daughter's apartment.

"I did what I had to do. I stood in shorts and left", — he stressed, noting that the first marriage ended long ago, and now he has another family.

Prigogine was indignant as could "take vlubitsya and endanger their own children?". According to him, he would not issue the property to the former spouse and children, if I knew how it would end. The producer also wondered how it was possible in Moscow "to buy property for a hundred million." The producer said that he would not abandon his family and "ran to save them." It is connected to the case, and lawyers said that was against the property and children are at risk, not against it. Also Prigogine reminded that his ex-wife married again — so the responsibility for the family brings her new husband.

Previously the producer Iosif Prigozhin said that he lives in an apartment house and a country house had not. However, the producer, as he admitted, has a cottage in Switzerland. Also in his family only one car, and others are occasionally provided by the manufacturers on a contract basis.