Discussing the movie "the Greyhound" with Tom Hanks

. Released yesterday on Apple TV the movie "Greyhound" actively discussed on the website-aggregator of reviews and reviews from Rotten Tomatoes.

The film directed by Aaron Schneider, is set during the Second world war and based on real events. Tom Hanks plays a Navy veteran, he for the first time in life you have to lead the defense of the naval convoy with troops and ammunition, which crosses the Atlantic ocean. In the "black pit", where there is no support from the air, it is attacked by a German submarine.

Of positive reviews anymore. Critics praise the game Tom Hanks (he also wrote the script).

"Intense, well-arranged film about the war" (Appleinsider ), "Greyhound" is similar to a very old movie, but it loses its appeal" (National Post), "In the picture is not enough attention to character development, but, nevertheless, he goes at a good pace, and it is a pleasure to watch" (BRWC).

The screening of the film on Apple TV , which bought the rights from Sony, brought to the platform a record number of hits in the first three days.