A resident of Sochi, illegally sold the bulldozer friend, to open a business

Earlier judged inhabitant of Sochi sold a bulldozer of a Kuzbass resident to arrange their own travel business, reported a press-service gumvd across the Kemerovo region.

The police asked a resident of the city who reported that a friend had illegally sold his bulldozer. On this fact the test was conducted, the results of which criminal case is brought.

"It is established that the victim asked a friend for assistance in finding a buyer for caterpillar tractor for a cost of 6 500 000 rubles. Knowing that the machinery is for sale, the accused forged documents, according to which his wife became the new owner of the bulldozer. It is in her name later, he found a buyer and sold the tractor for 6 000 000... Money, the defendant subsequently cashed and spent. On questioning, he explained that he had purchased the tourist bus to open a business in the city of Sochi, where he moved for permanent residence", – reports the Agency.

Press-service of a police Central Board notes that in the course of the investigation collected sufficient evidentiary base and 45-year-old previously convicted resident of Sochi, accused of committing a crime under part 4 of article 159 of the criminal code "Fraud".

It is clarified that the victim said civil action for damages in the amount of 6.5 million rubles. To ensure this claim on the property of the defendant seized in a prohibition to dispose of vehicles totaling more than 3 million rubles.

"Now criminal case is directed for consideration to court. The sanction of article of charges carry a maximum punishment of 10 years imprisonment", – said the Agency.