FIU started to issue a social security number for children without statements

The pension Fund of Russia began to issue the social security number for children is proactive, that is, without statements, for the first day in the personal accounts of parents sent information about SNILS 5.3 thousand children, reported the press service of the Fund.

"Parents to issue a social security number for children born from July 15, 2020, are no longer required, the Pension Fund will independently send a number in your personal Cabinet my mom. The service is implemented on the portal of public Services", - stated in the message.

The FIU said that after the appearance in the information system of the Fund information about the birth of a child received from the register of the Registrar, the number of the individual account of the child will execute automatically.

"Thus, those families in which since mid-July appears a child will receive information about the number SNILS fully automatic mode," - said the Chairman of the Board PFR Maxim Topilin.

The service is available to those parents who have registered with AGU. To quickly obtain a notification feature SNILS email or SMS, you must select the appropriate settings in the personal Cabinet.

For the first day of service in the private office of the parents in SPPs delivered information about SNILS 5.3 thousand children. For families who have adopted children, remains declarative in order of registration SNILS, since the necessary information can only represent themselves adoptive parents.