In Tehran said about the lack of beds and physicians for the second wave COVID-19

The Deputy head of the headquarters for the fight against a new type of coronavirus in Tehran Reza Jalili Khoshnoud said that some Tehran hospitals are faced with a shortage of hospital beds and medical workers during the second wave of the spread of the disease in the country.

"We are faced with two difficulties – shortage of hospital beds and the shortage of medical personnel", - quotes Agency the words of ISNA Hosoda also infected with coronavirus.

He added that the shortage of doctors is a result of the fact that they or their relatives are often themselves infected with coronavirus.

The member of staff against COVID-19 noted that the second wave of the spread of the disease in Iran was much more serious than the first.

At the moment Iran, as President Hassan Rouhani, is experiencing a second wave of coronavirus. The total number of infected since February 19, when authorities first reported the detection of coronavirus infection COVID-19, reached 267 061, victims – 13 608. At the moment the number recovered reached 230 608.

Since early July, Iran has three times updated the record for the victims of the day, the last time was July 9, when authorities reported the deaths of 221 people.

The epidemiological situation in Iran is evolving in leaps and bounds: going in late March - early April, a jump of infections (more than 3 thousand cases per day), the country in early may recorded less than a thousand occasions, after which the situation again began to deteriorate in early June set a new record zarahemla beating the March figure. Along with this, in the last month significantly increased mortality with a two-digit to three-digit indicators.

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