British media said, as the submarine was almost rammed by a ferry

The British newspaper Daily Mail citing a report of the division for investigation of marine accidents said that November 6, 2018 off the coast of Scotland just missed a ferry and a submarine.

The results of the investigation published today.

The report stated that there was "serious risk" and passengers and crews were in "immediate danger". The collision was avoided at the last moment, the watcher on the bridge of the ferry-boat saw the periscope at a distance of 250 yards (about 228 meters). The ferry captain gave the order to turn sharply. On Board, as noted, was 282.

As it turned out, the crew of the submarine misjudged the speed of the ferry and the distance to it — the investigations division, called this error one of the most serious in recent history. In addition, a collision could be catastrophic, and to avoid the tragedy was only through the actions of the ferry command.