In the suburbs about 10% of the cafes and bars are ready to resume work

About 10% of restaurants, bars, canteens, snack bars, cafes and fast food enterprises is approximately 750 objects - ready to resume work in the suburbs on the first day of the lifting of restrictions, the other has not yet sent notification to the authorities, the press service of the Ministry of agriculture and food of the Moscow region.

Earlier the Governor of Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov signed a decree according to which catering companies can resume operation in the Moscow region from July 16, but subject to sanepidemiology.

In a press-service Agency RIA Novosti said that it is about 10% of all public catering enterprises operating on the territory of Moscow region.

"For the resumption of work of public catering enterprises in the framework of preventive measures to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus infection in close collaboration with CPS, we have developed certain rules and regulations. According to the standard, business leaders need to give notice of readiness to the opening up and functioning in our Ministry and the local government municipalities in the region", - said Razin.

He noted that the catering facilities are more stringent restrictive measures than for service industries.

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