Sri Lanka has postponed the resumption of international tourism

Sri Lanka can resume the reception of tourists from other countries after August 15, said on Thursday the Ambassador of the island nation in Russia Michaelango Courage of Lamanca.

Sri Lanka had earlier planned to resume international tourism in mid-July, however, in light of the pandemic in the fashion industry, then moved the date for the opening of borders to foreigners on 1 August. According to the Ambassador, probably in a Sri Lankan government decided to postpone the opening of borders for two weeks.

"Initially, we planned to open 15 July, but later postponed the deadline to 1 August. In addition, a few days ago at a rehabilitation center for those suffering from drug addiction, an outbreak COVID-19. We immediately took the appropriate precautions, so, most likely, the opening of the country for tourists will be delayed approximately two weeks. May - 15 August," said Lamanca in an interview with Alexander Yakovenko on the TV channel "Russia 24".

According to him, the government "makes every effort" to ensure that the island became open to tourists as soon as possible, with the observance of sanitary norms for inhabitants and arriving tourists.

The diplomat also said that if Sri Lanka will make a tourist visa free for some countries, Russia will be the first in this list.

"We are now discussing how to provide all the necessary services to tourists, including Russian. The fact that during their stay in Sri Lanka they will need to test for coronavirus three or four times. The hotels in which they stay, will have to comply with all sanitary measures. This would be closely followed by the health authorities. Passenger transport will decrease by half," - said Lamanca.

"And if Sri Lanka do free visa for any country, Russia will be the first such country", - assured the Ambassador.

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