Mishustin told about the support of IT industry

The Russian authorities continue to make decisions to support and development of IT-industry, not limited to the tax maneuver in this area, the Cabinet has already started to work on an appropriate package of measures was announced by the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin.

"The President instructed the government to develop a complex of measures on development of the Russian IT industry, to create favorable conditions for professionals of the sector. We have already begun to work. Today we will consider amendments to the legislation that is needed to conduct a tax maneuver in the IT sphere", - said Mishustin Thursday at a government meeting.

He reminded that starting next year, for companies this sector provides lower premiums by almost half to 7.6%, and a decrease in the rate of the profit tax from 20% to 3%.

The Prime Minister added that such preferences will get the business, 90% of the income generated from the sale of software and services for its development and implementation. Under the tax maneuver are also of Russian design-centers engaged in the design and development of electronic products and software developers, including in the field of artificial intelligence, the Prime Minister said.

"It will be one of the lowest rates in the world, which opens up huge opportunities for entrepreneurs and professionals. To develop projects in Russia will be cheaper than abroad. We create a favorable environment for IT companies, promising start-UPS. And only the tax maneuver, we do not limit ourselves to, continue to take measures for the dynamic development of industry and support Russian companies," - said Mishustin.