Netflix has made a rating of their most popular films

. Streaming service Netflix has ranked the most popular private films on the basis of the number of hits in the first four weeks after the release, reports Bloombreg.

In the first place was the Thriller "Tyler Rake: rescue Operation" with Chris Hemsworth (99 million views), followed by "Bird box" with Sandra bullock (89 million), the third – "Justice Spencer," with mark Wahlberg (85 million).

One view in the system of calculations of Netflix means that the user has included the film at least two minutes.

In the top ten also included "Ghost six" (83 million), "Mysterious murder" (73 million), "Irish" (64 million), the "Triple border" (63 million), "the wrong girl" (59 million), "Platform" (56 million) and "the Perfect date" (48 million).

All these tapes were released over the past three years, and the main part – in the last 12 months. Since the beginning of 2019, Netflix has added 43,6 million subscribers, each new release potentially has a chance at more viewers than its predecessors.