The Moscow city court upheld the arrest Furgala

The Moscow city court upheld the arrest of the Governor of Khabarovsk Sergey Furgala, who is accused of murder, the correspondent of RIA Novosti news from the courtroom.

The meeting was held behind closed doors.

Furgala was detained July 9, employees SK and FSB, he is charged with involvement in the activities of local criminal gangs and the killings in 2000-ies. Immediately after the detention of the head of region has sent to Moscow. Basmanny court of Moscow on 10 July arrested him for two months, contains Furgal in the SIZO "Lefortovo", pleads not guilty.

The RIA Novosti source familiar with the investigation said that the evidence about the possible involvement Furgala to the murder of businessman Yevgeny Zori gave the detainees on suspicion in this crime. Among the suspects in the murder of dawns in 2004 and Oleg Bulatov in 2005 - the former Deputy of the Khabarovsk regional Duma Nikolay Mistryukov, co-founder of the company "Toreks", where the share belongs to the wife Furgala Larissa the Starodubova.

Furgala faces a life sentence if the sentence before the expiration of the Statute of limitations this year (for murder is 15 years). If at the time of sentencing, the Statute of limitations expires, the court may still dismiss the case, but the maximum sentence will be gone.