In Turkmenistan temporarily shut down churches, mosques and Muslim shrines

In Turkmenistan temporarily closed mosques, churches and Muslim shrines of pilgrimage.

As reported RIA Novosti a source in the Turkmen Council for religious Affairs, "mosques, churches and Holy places of pilgrimage are closed as a preventive measure to counter the spread of infectious diseases."

He did not specify when religious institutions will be opened, stressing that the mosques, as before, calls to prayer, but now these calls are not, as before, the invitation to the mosque to perform his prayers in the mosque now, no one is allowed. The call serves as a reminder to the faithful that it is time of prayer at home.

In Turkmenistan, despite reports of the authorities that no case of coronavirus, put a mask mode, for the sanitation of closed large markets and shopping centers. In Ashgabat for a week closed restaurants, Banquet halls and cafes, and entrances of houses posted ads with calls to use protective masks, disinfectant solutions and refrain from visiting public places.

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