In Malta for a week revealed no new cases COVID-19

The Minister of health of Malta Chris fern said that the country's authorities for seven days in a row did not record any new case of infection with coronavirus infection, said the publication Malta Today.

The Minister also encouraged citizens to continue to exercise caution in order to sustain the country's success in fighting the coronavirus.

The first case of infection with coronavirus was registered in Malta on 7 March. For four months of the coronavirus was diagnosed in 674 people in the country, nine people died. According to the morning of Thursday, the coronavirus is still present at four. All the authorities of Malta have tested for the presence of virus more than 109 thousand people.

According to the publication, to date, virtually all the restrictions imposed on Malta due to the spread of the coronavirus, is cancelled. The first of July it resumed its flights to countries which are recognized by the Ministry of health 'safe'.

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