In Tokyo revealed 286 new cases COVID-19

A record number of new cases COVID-19 fixed Thursday for the day in Tokyo it reached 286, reported the TV channel NHK.

By far the greatest number of infected people in the Japanese capital, it was revealed on July 10, when tests showed positive for the virus in 243 people. However, the number of tests in Tokyo have increased significantly. The data were provided had performed their medical institutions and health authorities.

As stated to journalists the Governor of Tokyo Yuriko Koike, every day in the capital began to make more than 4 million tests for coronavirus, and in the future it is planned to test up to 10 thousand people every day.

On the eve of the Tokyo power raised to the fourth - maximum - level threat of the spread of coronavirus, but so far no one is going to enter a new "state of emergency".

According to experts, the current situation is different from what it was in April or may, since now the number of severe cases of complications on the basis of COVID-19 was insignificant.

Moreover, the authorities of Japan to discuss how the without compromising the health of citizens to open July 22, the campaign "Go to travel" (Go to Travel) in order to stimulate domestic tourism affected by restrictive measures in connection with the spread of the coronavirus. The Governor of Tokyo on the eve asked to reconsider these plans, however, as stated at the press conference, the Secretary-General of the Cabinet of Ministers of Japan Acehide Suga, the government wants "to restore the socio-economic life, to help the regions out of a tough situation, supporting the tourism and restaurant business."

In the framework of the campaign "Go to travel" the government of Japan intends to partially subsidize transportation and hotel expenses on the trip.

At the end of may throughout Japan were cancelled in force for almost one and a half month state of emergency, and gradually the inhabitants began to return to normal life after the isolation and reduction of contacts. However, since the beginning of June in Tokyo, the number of positive results of the new tests began to grow.

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