In the Altai region download of coronavirus hospitals made up 80%

Download of the hospitals for the infected with the coronavirus in the Altai region has increased to 80%, six cases COVID died during the day, in a serious condition are 100 people, according to the regional sit room.

The coronavirus in the Altai region a day ill 215 people, most of them in Barnaul – 153. The number of infected reached in region 6 755.

For day 166 patients recovered only in the Altai region, the disease has already won more than 4,300 people. Treatment continued for 2312 patients. On July 16, are under medical surveillance and isolation 2562 person. Completed surveillance and isolation for 35 171 people. In the infection the study involved 252 322 people.

Last week it was reported that in the Altai region due to the growth of morbidity has launched three "davidnyc" hospital in St Michael, Tal and Zmeinogorsk districts. Just a week managed to create 246 new places infected with the coronavirus.

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