In the Khabarovsk territory in the day there was the seven fires due to dry thunderstorms

Seven natural fires on the area more than 2 thousand hectares occurred during the day, in Khabarovsk territory from-for dry thunder-storms, informs the regional government.

It is noted that if the fires are located in remote areas and do not threaten human settlements, the special Commission may decide not to extinguish them, because the cost of extinguishing disproportionately more material damage. Such fires see through the system of satellite monitoring measures are taken if there is a threat.

Now in 14 districts of the region a special fire-prevention mode. In the forest it is forbidden to drive a car, it is impossible to build fires and carry out fire work. For violations of the stipulated penalties. Citizens can pay up to 5 thousand rubles, and organizations – up to 300 thousand rubles.

According to the forest management region, from the beginning of the fire season 2020 was 356 of natural fires on a total area 210,3 thousand hectares. Over the same period last year in the region were identified 410 wildfires.