Gordon said about the persecution Rudkovskaya because of the scandal with the Dakota

Producer Yana Rudkovskaya is being bullied by the singer Rita Dakota after a controversial situation involving a raffle of luxury handbags, said on instagram lawyer Catherine Gordon.

She expressed the view that the conflict was formed by artificial means and on an empty place, or it was the result of a misunderstanding, "that someone wanted to inflate".

"Ian bought a bag, called friends to draw... a Certain Ivan, who managerit such stories without notifying Ian invited the girls... Rita wasn't able to be photographed in the office of Ivan with the real bags that she could play... was Photographed in a shop in the vip room with our bags which was not related neither Yana nor to the drawing hastily made advertisement, signing her words, PR is not breakable with the brand. Well it does not fit the word "free" with the status of things or "handing out bags," explained Gordon.

Rudkovskaya, as explained by the lawyer, considered that the approach is "germanskim" and asked Dakota to make adjustments.

"Yana asked Rita to replace the photo and signature... Rita took it as a class intolerance, discrimination and made a real hunt, Jan.