More than 420 thousand participants pass the exam on social science and chemistry 16 Jul

More than 420 thousand participants of Unified state examination on July 16 will pass elective subjects - social studies and chemistry, the press service of Rosobrnadzor.

Notes, exam for social studies will take place at more than 4.8 thousand points of examination, including 587 in hard to reach remote areas and 12 medical institutions.

Exam in social studies consists of two parts, which includes 29 assignments: 20 items and nine – deployed. It is given 3 hours and 55 minutes (235 minutes).

The exam in chemistry will be held in more than 3.4 thousand points of conduct, including paragraph 371 in inaccessible remote areas and six in hospitals.

Exam in chemistry consists of two parts, which includes 35 jobs. It is given 3.5 hours (210 minutes). The students of chemistry can use in the exam non-programmable calculator.

The monitoring of examinations in the regions will lead the Federal public observers, online observers and Federal experts. In 18 regions for the examination shall be a transfer examination materials to the point of a secure Internet channels.

The minimum score on the exam on social science is 42 points on the exam in chemistry – 36 points. Your results the exam participants will know no later than July 30.

The main period of the exam in 2020 takes place from 29 June to 25 July, just to participate in the main examination period was approximately 714 thousand people.