Caught in a lie, Anita Tsoy told "his truth" about the coronavirus

Singer Anita Tsoy, which some users caught in a lie about the disease COVID-19, said on instagram "my truth" about past illness.

Previously, a number of subscribers, the singer expressed the opinion that she allegedly lied about infection with coronavirus. The reason for this was the appearance Choi on one of the videos posted from a hospital ward. So, users have noticed that, despite his illness, on the face of the singer was make-up. The artist herself said that can not afford to look bad.

After discharge from the hospital, the singer has published a video in which he thanked doctors at the hospital where she lay, for their efforts and shared the story of the fight against COVID-19.

According to the artist, it is immediately put in the intensive care unit. The hospital revealed a moderately-severe form of coronavirus infection with the lung at 52 percent. The singer added that COVID-19 was "unusual", "insidious" and "unpredictable" disease. The disease, the singer began like normal flu, with cough, runny nose and temperature, but unlike flu, it is difficult to understand how to heal from COVID-19.

"It seems as if the virus starts testing you: just bomb in full from all sides. He lifts higher and higher temperature, and the first thing I was terribly unpleasant, is breaking, it is the psychological state in which I went. That is, I didn't know where I am because of this temperature, I felt so bad. It seems to me that if no help arrived medical professional, I would not put in the hospital, I would have died", — said Choi.

In addition, the artist added that he did not know how she became infected, as observed all precautions.

Earlier, representatives of the Anita Tsoy said that the singer was discharged from hospital after treatment. According to them, the artist feels rather well, but there is still weakness and breathing difficulties.

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