The Senator appreciated the impact of sanctions on the construction of Russian gas pipelines

Us sanctions will not stop the construction of Russian gas pipeline "Nord stream 2" and the second line of the "Turkish stream" Russia and its European partners will find opportunities to ensure the energy security of Europe, told RIA Novosti on Wednesday the Deputy head of the economic Committee of the Federation Council Valery Vasiliev.

The head of the U.S. Department of state Mike Pompeo announced on Wednesday that the state Department published recommendations in the framework of the law on counteraction to Russia through sanctions, including the document "Nord stream 2" and second thread "Turkish stream." These actions put the investments and other actions associated with the Russian export pipelines, at risk of us sanctions, he said.

"No words and threats of American politicians the gas pipeline "Nord stream-2" and "Turkish stream-2" is not stopped", - said the Senator.

He stressed that the construction of the gas pipeline "will not be suspended under any circumstances and in spite of the sanctions, which are likely only to intensify," Russia and its European partners will find opportunities to "ensure Europe's energy security, and for these purposes, and implemented these projects," he said.

According to Vasilyev, in Europe know how to count money and "Russian tube does not go to any comparison with a very expensive, totally unprofitable liquefied gas offered by the Americans."

The Senator noted that the United States is doing everything possible to raise energy prices and to oust Russia from the European market that the "impossible".

"However, these attempts there is another important explanation is that all the big words of the state Department focused on the electorate of the oil States, which in the near future - in November 2020, the presidential election will determine the fate of America, said the Senator.

"(US President Donald - ed.) trump is doing everything to show his constituents that he is ready to fight for their interests on the world stage. Though he does not say that you have to fight in closed doors and nothing but the irritation of the Europeans, such statements do not cause", - said the MP.

Vasilyev recalled that the construction of the second branch "Northern stream" is now in its final stage - has laid more than 2,300 kilometres of pipeline from approximately 2460 kilometres, that is, readiness is more than 93.5 per cent".