In Minsk announced the arrest of accounts of the wife of Deputy Finance Minister of Russia

As part of the investigation "the case of Belgazprombank" allegedly arrested the wife of Deputy Finance Minister Andrei Kruglov, said the Deputy head of the Department of financial investigations of the state control Committee of Belarus Dmitry Diaghilev.

The plot was a result of "Belarus 1", shown on Wednesday, States that "the Russian shareholders of Belgazprombank received and other income from the Belarusian "daughter" under one of them was designed an exclusive agreement for placing the currency of the loan, not available to other citizens".

"This banking product is not advertised anywhere because it was created exclusively for one person – the citizen of the Russian Federation Andrey Vyacheslavovich Kruglov. During the period of existence of the Bank was concluded only three of the loan agreement with physical persons – nonresidents of the Republic of Belarus. Two citizen Kruglov for a total amount of 8.5 million euros and one with his wife in the amount of 3 million euros," - said in the story the representative of the Department.

The story States that the conclusion of agreements on loans Kruglov did not have to travel to the office of Belgazprombank Minsk, former head of the BGB, which is now in the KGB detention center on charges of economic crimes, allegedly sent to Moscow subordinates for this.

"Taking the place of the Deputy Minister of Finance, Kruglov has stopped cooperation with Belgazprombank. Today, the Bank loan remains the wife of the Russian officials", - stated in the story.

"Currently in the BGB placed only cash wife Kruglov for a total amount of 3 million euros. In the framework of a criminal investigation on these funds seized. For establishment of all circumstances of illegal activities through the state office of public Prosecutor of Belarus to the competent authorities of Russia sent to the international orders for legal aid", - said the representative of the FID.

In 2015-2019 Kruglov Deputy Chairman of the management Board of PJSC "Gazprom".