The foreign Ministry spoke about the provocations on the border of Georgia with Russia

Frequent cases of illegal crossing of the Russian, Abkhaz and South Ossetian borders from the Georgian side indicate the need for early initiation of negotiations with Tbilisi, Sukhum and Tskhinval, the foreign Ministry said.

In the diplomatic Ministry recalled that in June, the outfit of the Russian frontier guards detained three illegally got on the territory of Abkhazia of Georgian citizens. Over the last month and a half of these "illegals" are also found in Russia and South Ossetia. For example, June 13, in Dagestan detained a 24-year-old Georgian without documents. The man was armed with a hunting rifle "Vepr" with 28 rounds.

"Despite the rather serious, sometimes provocative nature of such violations and attitude of the Russian side to solve this kind of questions in a very politizirovannost and flexibly, in Tbilisi, unfortunately, once again trying to make this a political play, shifting the responsibility onto others," reads the statement.

The diplomats called on the Georgian authorities to resolve problems through mutually beneficial and constructive dialogue.

"Expected from the Georgian authorities more vigorous outreach to its own population in order to prevent new cases of illegal crossing of border", — stressed in the Department.

Separately, the foreign Ministry said the provocative comments of the state Department and the U.S. Embassy in Tbilisi. According to diplomats, the us "authorities to shield their Georgian wards, and lay the blame on Moscow and Tskhinvali". All this at least undermines the position of Washington as an impartial participant of the Geneva discussions, I believe on Smolensk square.