The Embassy commented on the situation with the monument Baranov in Alaska

The Russian Embassy in the USA distressed that the decision of the authorities of Sitka in Alaska to move the statue of Governor of Russian settlements in North America, Alexander Baranov Museum, said Wednesday the Russian Ambassador Anatoly Antonov.

"We are disappointed that amid the sweeping waves of desecration and demolition of monuments of historical figures in the course of mass protests in the United States under the decision on dismantle of still got the sculpture the main Governor of Russian settlements in North America established in 1989. The resolution is signed and contains a lot of emotional evaluations. Creative role Baranov in Alaska and California are obvious... Unfortunate that the story continues to be politicized", - said the Ambassador answers the questions of the journalists on the page Embassy in Facebook.

Previously the city Council took the decision to move the monument from the center of Sitka at the Museum after-treatment of a group of citizens. According to Antonov, the authorities did not take into account the opinion of the Russian community, which gathered six thousand signatures for that not to remove the monument, and addressed to the city authorities. Diplomatic mission of such appeals abstained, the Ambassador added.

"We abstained, we once again accused of meddling in the internal Affairs... the Memory of Baranova there are immortalized not only in this monument. It is named after the island on which is situated the town itself is Sitka, and the archipelago where the island is," added the diplomat.

He noted that the offer to buy the statue and transported it to Russia came from a number of Russian regions: Arkhangelsk, Irkutsk, Magadan.

Earlier, a group of residents of Sitka has proposed to remove from the centre of the monument the Governor of Russian settlements in North America in the late XVIII - early XIX centuries, Alexander Baranov. Most speakers for the demolition of the statue belongs to the indigenous people of trincity. The coordination Council of Russian compatriots of the USA (CARS) made an online petition against plans to demolish the monument. As reported RIA Novosti the Chairman of XORS Elena Branson, it has collected almost 6 thousand signatures.

Fund Art Russe has previously stated that he had sent authorities Sitka offer to buy the monument to the first Russian Governor of Alaska. In addition, the Foundation submitted a similar proposal to the authorities of new York about the monument to U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt, which the city authorities decided to dismantle amid a wave of protests against racism.

Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov, commenting on the proposal to demolish the monument to the Governor of Russian settlements in North America, said that in Russia, too, was a period of demolition of monuments, and he was not the most brilliant in the history of the country.