Kosachev condemned US threats to impose sanctions against the "Nord stream — 2"

US sanctions against participants of the project "Northern stream-2" and the second line of the "Turkish stream-2" is a political blackmail in the economic interests of Washington, said the head of the international Committee of the Federation Council Konstantin Kosachev.

The head of the U.S. Department of state Mike Pompeo announced on Wednesday that the state Department published recommendations in the framework of the law on counteraction to Russia through sanctions, including the document "Nord stream 2" and the second line of the "Turkish stream 2". These actions put the investments and other actions associated with the Russian export pipelines, at risk of us sanctions, he said.

"In principle, nothing new, unless, of course, assumed that everyone is already used to a completely absurd justification for openly malicious actions of Washington. After all, repression is intended to apply to the so-called law CAATSA - "ON combating the enemies of America by sanctions," wrote the Senator in Facebook.

"America's enemies" - those who build commercial pipeline between the two countries on another continent, and neither of these countries, as well as the pipeline itself, does not going to affect the security of the United States or their citizens, said Kosachev.

"Furthermore, the potential "enemy" is not even Russian, and more than 120 European (primarily German and French) companies. That is, companies from the countries-allies of the US in NATO. But the United States decided that the best European business and the German authorities know what is needed in Europe to ensure its energy security," he added.

"While in Europe until the end of decided how to react to this blatant disregard of Washington's sovereignty and the interests of its allies. State Secretary in the German foreign office Niels Annen noted that extraterritorial sanctions are unacceptable and violate the energy sovereignty of Europe, and "the fact that the U.S. Congress is the leading authority in European issues, absurd," - said the MP.

Kosachev said that America uses force for failure to comply with foreign players its own rules and it is "political blackmail to economic interests".