Family of George Floyd has filed a lawsuit against the authorities of Minneapolis

The family of black George Floyd, who was killed in detention by police, has filed a lawsuit against the city government of Minneapolis, in which the incident occurred, reports the associated Press.

The claim was forwarded to the district court of the state of Minnesota and in addition to the authorities of the town calls as defendants are the four officers involved in the arrest of Floyd.

"The city of Minneapolis has a long history of conduct, procedures, and deliberate indifference, which violate the rights of prisoners, especially blacks, which emphasizes the need for training and discipline of police officers," - said at a press conference the lawyer of the family of Floyd Ben crump.

According to Kramp, the appeal to the court is intended to create a precedent, "which from a financial point of view, will not allow a policeman in the future illegal to kill people-outcasts, especially blacks".

Local newspaper the Star Tribune notes that crump has won more than 200 cases of police violence.

The death of Floyd in police custody that sparked large-scale protests and riots. A number of cities and States have declared the reform of the police, similar measures were undertaken by the house of representatives, but has so far not passed the Senate.