The President of Bulgaria called on the government to resign

The President of Bulgaria rumen Radev urged the government and the chief Prosecutor to resign for "restarting and modernization" of the country.

In Bulgaria for a week of protests that began on 9 July in Sofia with thousands of actions in support Radeva. Bulgarian media called the protest the arrests of presidential advisers on security on legal issues. Advisors had been detained in cases related to the disclosure of state secrets and abuse of influence for personal gain. Wednesday, 15 July, the Bulgarian socialist party (BSP) submitted to Parliament the question of the censure motion which the opposition accuses of corruption.

"The current oligarchic model of governance have been exhausted and rejected by the people. Restarting the political process and the modernization of the country must be made by the resignation of the government, the chief Prosecutor and fair elections", - quotes words of the President of the Bulgarian national radio.

In early February, Radev said that the government has lost its credibility because it is not acting in the interests of citizens and leads to the disintegration of statehood. This statement was made on the background of aggravation of relations of the President with the Prosecutor's office. Earlier, the Prosecutor asked the constitutional court to interpret articles of the basic law regarding immunity of the President. The Agency then announced that with a high degree of probability established evidence of the involvement Radeva criminal activity.