U.S. counting on China's implementation of the first phase of trade agreements

U.S. counting on China's implementation of the obligations under the first phase of the trade agreement, said on Wednesday the US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo.

"We want to see honest and two-way response... We hope that China will fulfill the requirements of the first phase of trade agreements and hope to see a change in behavior across a spectrum of issues," said U.S. Secretary of state. He refused to clearly answer the reporter's question about whether he considers China's "regime of evil", by analogy with Iran, but said that "China's unfair attitude towards America too long."

The US and China on 15 January signed the first part of the trade agreement, in which Washington kept the fee at the rate of 25% on Chinese goods in the amount of about $ 250 billion, along with 7.5% for goods with a volume of $ 120 billion. The agreement stipulates that China will buy American industrial goods with $ 75 billion, energy at $ 50 billion, agricultural products at $ 40 billion, another 35-40 billion dollars in the next two years, China will have to spend on services. So the US expects to bring the imbalance in trade with China, which totaled hundreds of billions of dollars, for a "fair" indicator.

Officially, Beijing and Washington continue to insist on willingness to fulfill the obligations under the trade agreement, but relations between them strained on a number of issues.