Trump urged to prevent execution in Iran rioters 2019

The US President Donald trump on Wednesday urged not to allow the execution in Iran of the three rioters 2019.

"Three people were sentenced in Iran to death for participating in protests. The penalty is expected soon. The execution of these three people sends a terrible signal to the world, and this should not be done!" - trump wrote on Twitter.

However, he added the hashtag, "Stop executions in Iran".

The head of state has duplicated the entry in Farsi.

According to the Agency IRNA, condemned to death was not detained during the riots - two of them were detained during an armed robbery.

According to Iranian authorities, after the arrest on phones these persons was discovered video of the burning bus, Bank and public places that they were sent to "the news Agency abroad."

In Iran in mid-November have been protests over the government's decision to increase gasoline prices and to introduce quotas on it. Some were peaceful, some escalated into armed riots with property destruction, arsons of banks, as well as victims and victims among their members, and law enforcement. The US state Department claimed that the riots from the hands of the authorities killed more than a thousand people, but Tehran has rejected these assumptions, six months later, saying that during the riots have died more than 220 people.

President Hassan Rouhani said that the riots were organized by the US and Israel, and their goal was to undermine Iran's security. USA in 2019 actively supported the protesters, demanding from the Iranian authorities to meet their demands.